EUROSENSE in short

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EUROSENSE is an active player in geo-information services for almost 50 years now. Started as a Belgian company in the 60’s, it has nowadays expanded its working region to mainly Western and Central Europe, but can live on experiences of worldwide projects.

Both public as private customers with highly variable needs are contacting EUROSENSE to work out efficient solutions for their problems. Delivering high quality products in time and according to the specifications of the customer, is therefore the main concern of EUROSENSE

The EUROSENSE-group, existing since 1964, has nowadays wholly owned branches in Belgium (Wemmel (near Brussels), Tielt, Zeebrugge and Antwerp), The Netherlands (Breda), Germany (Rheinbach), France (Lille), Hungary (Budapest), Slovakia (Bratislava), Poland (Nadarzyn, near Warsaw), Bulgaria (Sofia), and Romania (Bucharest). The main office of the EUROSENSE-group is located in Belgium (Wemmel).

The EUROSENSE-group employs a staff of about 200 highly specialized members: engineers, geographers, topographers, hard- and software specialists, etc.

All services offered by the EUROSENSE-group are fully integrated within the group: aerial photography, aerial LIDAR (aerial laser scanning for height measurements), photo interpretation, aerial thermography, processing and interpretation of aerial and satellite images, production of photogrammetric and topographic maps, GIS- consultancy, inventory of forests and natural resources, digital orthophotography, cartography, hydrography, environmental studies, and lots of other activities. EUROSENSE offers highly accurate and technological solutions in all of these disciplines.

All production steps, from the airborne, spaceborne or seaborne data acquisition up to the finalized product, are fully integrated within the company, in order to meet the highest standards for quality, precision and reliability. EUROSENSE feels this as a requirement to guarantee that the projects are executed to the clients' most demanding specifications and desires.

Next to the available expertise within the EUROSENSE-group, EUROSENSE furthermore can appeal to partners such as “esri BeLux NV” and “Walphot”.

EUROSENSE feels very strongly about quality. The entire group works according to ISO 9001:2008 procedures and applies a quality system which is continuously improved and adapted to the latest quality needs.

International (EC, World Bank, FAO, ...) as well as national and regional governments, cities and municipalities, public and private service corporations, consultancy firms and software providers are part of EUROSENSE's clientele.

(SCe, 22/02/2012)