ISO-Certification EUROSENSE

EUROSENSE provides highly accurate, technologically advanced and integrated solutions as well as training and consultancy in a broad variety of disciplines.

The policy of EUROSENSE is to be an efficient provider of geo-information services and products in the domains mentioned above. Efficient has to be understood as: in time, within the specifications and within the budget.

All steps of the production process, from data acquisition to the final report are integrated within the EUROSENSE group, thus ensuring the highest quality based on several years of international experience.

Since 1996 EUROSENSE operates according to the ISO 9001 standard. EUROSENSE’s approved ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management System requires a strictly documented quality control in all steps of the sales, production and delivery chain. The functioning of the company is concentrating on a continuous improvement focusing on the real and latent needs of the customers.

The Quality Management System is the tool to manage the quality policy of the company and has a three level structure:

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1. The Quality Manual: including the scope of the ISO system; the quality policy declaration of the company; the organization structure; the definition of the processes and their interactions and a reference to the documented quality system and its procedures.

2. The System Procedures: each of these ISO-procedures describes a process. All important processes of the EUROSENSE organization in the domain of sales, production, delivery, technical support and competence, subcontracting, customer focus, human resources,… are clearly defined, documented and monitored for continuous improvement

3. The Support Documentation:
• Work and Quality Instructions (WQI’s) contain the information required for the work execution and the quality control.
• WQI’s often refer to forms or technical log sheets that must be completed. These forms are also part of the quality system and have to be handled in a controlled way. External documents (e.g. quality requirements from the client) are integrated in the WQI’s if necessary.

All phases of the production of a good or the delivery of a service have to be finished within the documented quality system. The next technological step cannot be started before the declaration that the quality control procedure of the previous step is done and the quality of the finished step is acceptable for further processing.

Non-compliances are documented and managed according to our ISO 9001:2008 regulations by means of preventive and corrective actions e.g. in case customer remarks or complaints.

Customer satisfaction confirms the quality delivered by EUROSENSE.

This ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management System is subject of continuous improvement.