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Supplier of geo products in the Walloon Region and in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg but also in European projects since more than 35 years, WALPHOT deals with the entire chain of geo-data processing from data capture (airborne data) to the delivery of adding value products (aerial orthophotos, map databases, topographical analysis, ...) and integrated services (Geographic Information System, studies ...). WALPHOT offers stand-alone or an integrated chain of geo-services such as aerial photography, photo interpretation, processing and interpretation of digital satellite images, production of photogrammetric and topographic maps, airborne laser scanning (LiDAR) for height measurements, GIS/LIS and AM/FM database development and consultancy, city and landscape planning, inventory of forests and natural resources, digital orthophotography, cartography, hydrography, environmental studies. In all of these disciplines, WALPHOT offers accurate and technologically up-to-date solutions.

To maintain its level of skills and constantly improve its performances, the WALPHOT equipment is regularly updated. With a team of thirty competent persons with various technological or thematic backgrounds, WALPHOT innovates by its participation to international research programs in collaboration with universities and public institutions. WALPHOT supports local, regional and national customers in their spatial management and land planning decisions.

Geo-information and 2D or 3D mapping solutions

Involved in large regional and national projects since 35 years, WALPHOT has an in-depth experience in acquisition of high resolution topographic data by airborne means with photographic or digital laser (LiDAR) sensors. WALPHOT owns 4 aircraft for data acquisition with qualified staff in aviation regulations. The team is specialized in photogrammetric plotting of rural and urban objects, integration of geographic information systems and extraction of digital terrain models (DTM and DSM). WALPHOT is in charge of projects supporting railway network management, large-scale mapping of the complete Walloon Region, and regional airfields maintenance planning.

WALPHOT has the know-how to process spaceborne images from various satellites according to the needs of specific customers. In response to European directives and policies (SEVESO industrial directive or EU Neighborhood Policy), to International regulations such as International Civil Aviation Organization rules, or to national tenders, WALPHOT provides 2D and 3D mapping solutions to land planning authorities. WALPHOT’s applications cover a wide range of domains including border management, land planning, industrial emergency.

The needs of the customer in geo-data, and in particular the characteristics of the applications (data type, scale, accuracy, extending the area of interest), are the guide in choosing aerial or satellite remote sensing processing techniques.

Customized responses for spatial management

Large scale vector maps, orthophotos and other ancillary geographic information are crucial in the maintenance of a railroad network. WALPHOT works in partnership with EUROSENSE in the contract awarded by Infrabel- SNCB- Tuc Rail, the Belgian railway infrastructure managers. This large project regards the provision of actual and detailed geo-information on the 3500 km long Belgian railroad network. The project, executed over a period of three years, consists of flights with vertical and oblique cameras on the entire network, and the subsequent processing towards accurate digital orthophotos and 3D large scale vector maps.

Involved in several European Commission and European Space Agency projects, the company offers products and services using aerial and/or satellite imagery (optical and radar) as input data in Global Monitoring for Environment and Security (GMES) program. WALPHOT provides ad-hoc solutions in mapping, geodatabases and spatial modeling. WALPHOT has international partnerships with Astrium, e-GEOS, Indra Espacio, Dassault, …

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Quality Control

With the objective to provide ever greater quality service, WALPHOT developed a quality program that is part of ISO certification obtained in 1996 and renewed regularly (ISO 9001: 2008 for all the products and services offered, certification delivered by Lloyds). This standard is characterized by the application and dynamic analysis of projects, but also through training in management and quantification of customer satisfaction.