EUROSENSE, service provider for Emergency Support Service activation in Slovak Republic

The Assets Mapping products offer the integration of socio-economic statistics into land use / cover geo-information products derived from Earth Observation data. In general, the concept aims to cover different scales (from European to community level) and to be applicable to several types of risk.

The Basic European Assets Map (BEAM) is harmonized and standardized available on a European level. This product provides a compilation of asset-relevant socio-economic statistics (population densities in persons/km², building prices in euro/m², net assets values for different NACE activities (Statistical Classification of Economic Activities in the European Community), etc…) allowing a comprehensible and harmonized evaluation of assets within Europe. The BEAM product serves as a sound basis to derive a direct impact assessment and to estimate the consequences of natural and man-made disasters not only on assets (economical damage) but also on the population (affected people, victims).

The Slovak Water Management Enterprise has requested the BEAM for the preparation of the flood risk maps required in the frame of the EU Flood Directive. According to this directive each Member State is supposed to carry out a preliminary assessment of river basins and associated coastal areas at risk of flooding. For such zones, flood risk maps need to be prepared by 2013. Then, by 2015 flood risk management plans will be established according to the three dimensions of prevention, protection and preparedness. The request of the directive is still to be achieved in a lot of member states in which our flood portfolio can be applied.

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Basic European Assets Map of Slovakia

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Population Density Map of Slovakia

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