Thermo for Ghent City goes public!

During a press conference on Friday the 9th of September , the results of the thermography project for the City of Ghent have been released!

On Friday the 9th of September, Tom Balthazar, the Alderman of Environment of the city of Ghent, proudly presented the results of the aerial thermography of the City of Ghent to the press.

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During 2 cold winter nights in February 2011, EUROSENSE executed two flights with a thermal camera covering the entire territory of the city. At the same time, almost 500 volunteers executed temperature measurements in their houses. EUROSENSE processed the thermographic imagery into one geo-referenced map and created by means of the volunteer measurements an interpretation key with corresponding legends. The results have been inserted by the city of Ghent into a web application: (in Dutch)

By checking the thermographic map and answering some simple questions, inhabitants can get an indication on the quality of their roof insulation. With this sensitization instrument, the city of Ghent tries to encourage inhabitants to put extra roof insulation where possible and to reduce green house gasses.

Tom Balthazar, the Alderman of Environment of the City of Ghent, explains the use of the thermographic map in the following link: click here (in Dutch).

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