Contract with VUJE for geodatabases for modeling purposes

EUROSENSE s.r.o. signed a contract with VUJE a.s. for the provision of geodatabases for the modeling of the impact of electromagnetic clouds. The delivery includes digital orthophotomaps, digital terrain model and 3D vector building model for 68 selected cities in the Slovak republic.

EUROSENSE s.r.o. is proud to announce that a contract has been signed with VUJE a.s. for the provision of a licence on existing geo-databases, owned, processed and regularly updated by EUROSENSE s.r.o. for 68 selected cities in the Slovak Republic. It includes all cities in Slovak Republic, with exception of the cities in the Bratislava region, inhabited by more than 10.000 citizens.

The provided geodatabases consist of:
- digital colour orthophotomap at a resolution of 50cm and corresponding digital terrain model at 10m grid for areas of 20 by 20km around each city. The total delivered surface covers 23 002 km².
- digital terrain model at 1m grid and digital vector model of buildings (at LoD1 level = box model) for the administrative area of each city. These data were created using photogrammetric methods and have been updated from aerial imagery, acquired not longer ago than the year 2008.

The purpose of the project geodatabases is the modeling of electromagnetic fields in urban areas by the client. With the resulting models, an analysis of the impact and risk assesment in the frame of protection of citizens is executed.

VUJE a.s. is an engineering company that performs design, supply, implementation, research and training activities, particularly in the field of nuclear and conventional power generation. VUJE was established in 1977 as a state research institute; in 1994, it was transformed into a joint stock company whose shares are owned by company employees and former employees. The change from the state-owned company into a 100% private company meant also a change in company operations, i.e. a change from an originally research organisation into an engineering company that presently implements large projects mainly in the field of nuclear power generation. The current scope of company operations is wide and it includes all activities related to the preparation, implementation, operation and termination of operation mainly of energy installations. Annual incomes of the company for the past 5 years did not fall below EUR 50 mill. Within its operations, VUJE co-operates with renowned European companies such as Framatome, Siemens, EDF, CORYS, etc. and performs activities for the International Atomic Energy Agency, Vienna. See :

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