EUROSENSE Office in Belgium (Flanders - Walloon Region - Brussels)

For almost 50 years now, EUROSENSE has been active in Belgium. The Belgian EUROSENSE office is located in Wemmel and is represented by Frank De Boeck. EUROSENSE Belgium offers the broad variety of applications the EUROSENSE group can offer to public governments, the utility sector and private customers. Several off-the-shelf products are available and can immediately be delivered upon your request. Main projects and off-the-shelf products presented here concern the Flemish and Brussels Region. More information on the Walloon projects and products can be obtained at our partner, Walphot.


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EUROSENSE is a main player on the Belgian market for all kinds of projects regarding geographical data, including aerial photography, creation of orthophotos, laserscanning, thermography and light mapping, tree inventory and health analysis and many other activities. These are some of the projects EUROSENSE is executing at the moment in Flemish and Brussels Region: laser scanning for the Belgian coast and Waterwegen en Zeekanaal (W&Z), thermography and light mapping for the city of Antwerp, thermography for the city of Vilvoorde and Brugge, tree inventory and health analysis (Brussels Region), scanning of 68.500 negatives from the archive of NGI Belgium…
Recently some important project were finished for the Flemish Geographical Information Agency (FGIA). The Large-Scale Reference Database (GRB) at more than 5.500km² was screened for terrain changes and more than 435.000 changes were photogrammetrically updated. Another recently finished project concerned the LiDAR acquisition (16 pts/m²) and processing, as well as 10cm orthophotos, of almost 10.500 km² in Flanders.   Read more

Off-the-shelf products

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EUROSENSE owns recent and historical datasets on Flanders, Brussels and (parts of) the Walloon region. 2,5D polygon databases for most municipalities near the Dutch border (situation 2014) can also be provided immediately. Read more


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