EUROSENSE acquires imagery on the fire of the heathland "Kalmthoutse Heide"

In the week of 23/05/2011, one of the largest natural disasters in Belgium in history occurred. Due to a very dry period, approximately 600 hectares of the unique heathland nature reserve “Kalmthoutse Heide” has been burned. Although fire can be in some cases advantageous for heathlands and is sometimes used as a maintenance procedure, it was certainly not the case here. It consisted in a very severe fire which not only burned above-ground vegetation, but also the fauna and the seed bank in the underground.

On the 25th of May 2011, EUROSENSE executed a mission over the Belgian-Dutch border and was able to acquire 25 cm imagery of the fires on the heathland in both colour (RGB) as colour infra-red. Together with the exact time stamping, this imagery can be very useful for a post-analysis of the fire by the Agency for Nature and Forestry of the Flanders region.

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