EUROSENSE awarded with huge LiDAR- and ortho-project in Flanders.

At the end of 2012, EUROSENSE was awarded by the Flemish Geographical Information Agency (AGIV) with a large LiDAR and orthophoto-project in Flanders.

As an update of the digital terrain model (DTM) of Flanders created more than 7 years ago, the FGIA tendered a LiDAR-project on the entire Flemish and Brussels Capital Region, divided into 7 parcels. The project consists in a LiDAR-data acquisition during the leafless season with a point density of min. 16 points per m² (8 points per m² with at least 50% sidelap) and a simultaneous image acquisition with a GSD of at least 10cm. The LiDAR-data needs to be processed into an accurate DSM and, after filtering, into a DTM providing detailed information on the (micro)relief in Flanders. The acquired imagery needs to be processed into a detailed orthophoto with a GSD of 10cm.

Each supplier could submit an offer for maximum 4 parcels and EUROSENSE has been awarded with the 4 parcels for which it offered. In total, the awarded parcels comprise 10.458 km² or ca. 60% of the entire project area (Flanders and Brussels Capital Region, including buffers). The flights need to be executed over three winter seasons of which the first season already starts on the 15th of January 2013.

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