EUROSENSE completes photogrammetric mapping project over almost entire Belgian territory.

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In the 2nd half of 2010, EUROSENSE has been awarded by the National Geographic Institute (NGI) with a project concerning the update of the topo-geographical data of the buildings on the Belgian territory. The project officially started at the end of 2010 and in the two next years, EUROSENSE executed the photogrammetric update of the building dataset for a total surface of 30.032 km² or almost entirely Belgium.

The project is a part of the update cycle established by the NGI in which their topo-geographical dataset (buildings, roads,...) will be updated every 3 years. Midscale resolution aerial imagery collected by the NGI (via separate tenders) is used for the photogrammetric mapping of the buildings.

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During the photogrammetric update of the building dataset, EUROSENSE had to pay attention to the correct inheritance of the thematic information in the existing NGI dataset. Tools for the inheritance of attributes and for quality control were developed by the GIS-specialists at EUROSENSE and successfully used throughout the project.

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