Roof insulation analysis at industrial buildings in West-Flanders

The “Provinciale OnwikkelingsMaatschappij (PoM) West-Vlaanderen” (Provincial Development Agency West-Flanders) is involved in the ECO2PROFIT, a project aiming at the reduction of greenhouse gasses and the increased use of renewable energy at industrial areas. Since a huge amount of industrial buildings are still losing a lot of energy due to bad roof insulation, the PoM West-Flanders awarded EUROSENSE with a thermography project for 4 industrial areas, distributed over the province.

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In February 2012, EUROSENSE executed a night flight over the 4 industrial areas with one of its airplanes equipped with a thermal camera. At the same time, building owners completed an inventory on the roof composition and measured the temperature in the spaces below the roofs of their buildings. EUROSENSE processed the acquired imagery into a georeferenced thermographic map of each industrial area. An interpretation key with corresponding legends, dedicated to industrial buildings, was established allowing to interpret the results shown on the thermographic map in terms of roof insulation quality.

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The results have been provided to PoM West-Vlaanderen at the end of spring 2012 who asked their provincial GIS-service to integrate the results into a website. The result thereof can be seen via the following link:

Two volunteering companies were awarded with a detailed sheet with a thorough analysis of the results of the thermographic map. Other companies can still order such a detailed sheet for the price of 249 EUR excl. VAT (one building/roof). Interested? Take contact with Stijn Claes via stijn.claes(at)

During a workshop on sustainability at industrial areas, organized by the PoM West-Vlaanderen at Greenbridge Science park (Ostend) on 29/11/2012, the results of the thermographic map were presented by EUROSENSE to the audience. Subsequently, the project was presented the same day via a poster at the CleanTech Nocturne (organization of Power-Link and Greenbridge).

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