Off-the-shelf products of EUROSENSE Belgium


Click to enlarge - Gare de Liège (Belgium)

EUROSENSE owns 15 cm orthophotos, acquired in October 2007, of the most important Belgian cities: Brussels, Antwerp, Liege, Charleroi, Ghent and Bruges (including harbor areas). For the municipalities near the Dutch border, we have multiple datasets coming from a Dutch project.

Orthophotos from a few decennia ago are often useful instruments to monitor changes over a certain period. EUROSENSE has analogue orthophoto maps of the entire Belgium territory from the 70’s. Other datasets can be looked up in the EUROSENSE archive.


Click to enlarge - Antwerpen (Belgium)

Based on the orthoimagery of the Netherlands in 2003, a unique polygon database was created for the entire Netherlands including a buffer area in Flanders. In 2006, this dataset was updated and extended for a big part of the provinces of Antwerp and Limburg. In 2008, a 15 km buffer area near the border of the Netherlands has been updated for the second time. For the creation of the polygondata, stereo images were used. These images allow the mapping of the height of objects. In the database buildings, industry, greenhouses, vegetation and water have been defined as separate groups and for the vegetation and buildings (at least 60 m² surface) a height attribute with an accuracy of 75 cm is included.

The polygondata can be used to create height models and 3D visualizations. The applications of the polygondata are almost unlimited. Going from use for planning masts for telecommunication companies, noise mapping, the assessment of flood risks and environmental impacts, determine the amount of greenery and buildings in one town to visualizing the impact of a new project in an urban environment.

Contact our Belgian office for more information and demo data.