Projects in Belgium

Click to enlarge - Koekelberg (Belgium)

EUROSENSE Belgium is mainly known for its activities in photogrammetry, thermography and laserscanning. In the paragraphs below, some Belgian projects are presented. For more information on our projects, you can also take a look at the EUROSENSE reference page.

NGI – Update Belgian buildings successfully completed!!!

EUROSENSE finished recently a large three-year project for the Belgian National Geographic Institute (NGI) during which almost all Belgian buildings were updated using photogrammetric plotting. The resulting datasets will provide the customer with recent information on the actual buildings in the country. The NGI will use the updated datasets for the update of their topographic maps as well as for other derived products. EUROSENSE offers high-quality photogrammetric plotting at the requested high production rate, together with a self-developed quality control chain.

Flemish region in 3D

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At the end of 2012, EUROSENSE was awarded by the Flemish Geographical Information Agency (FGIA) with a large LiDAR- and orthophoto project. For the next 3 years, EUROSENSE will be responsible for the aerial data acquisition of high-resolution LiDAR-data in the Flemish region (see detailed map). The high resolution LiDAR data (16 points/m²) will be further processed into a detailed terrain model (DTM). At the same time and from the same platform aerial images will be taken, which will be used to create an orthophotomosaic with a GSD of 10cm.

Scanning data Flemish region from the ’90s and creation of an historical orthophotomosaic

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At the request of the Flemish Geographical Information Agency (FGIA), EUROSENSE looked up in her archive the original diapositives from flights executed in Flanders at the end of the 80’s – beginning of the 90’s. In 2013, approximately 1500 diapositives will be scanned and re-processed into historical orthophotomosaics according to the latest technologies.


Click to enlarge - GRB Tervuren (Belgium)

The Flemish Government is looking for very detailed large scale base maps of the Flemish territory, the so-called GRB-maps (“Grootschalig Referentie Bestand”). These maps will be used by the municipality as their base map, for both aboveground infrastructures as underground networks. Next to large scale flights in this frame, EUROSENSE is also involved in the actual creation of those maps, in cooperation with a land surveyor. This team has currently executed the large scale base mapping for almost 60 municipalities. For more information, click here.

Thermography projects

Click to enlarge - Thermo Antwerpen (Belgium)

EUROSENSE has executed all main thermography projects in Belgium so far. With a long history in this field, EUROSENSE has executed in the past years the thermography of the Brussels Capital Region, the city of Genk, the large project for the city of Antwerp and neighbouring municipalities, the thermography of Ghent, Tervuren and Wellen. In 2012, Eurosense executed also the thermography of city of Luxembourg. The thermographic maps of Ghent and Antwerp can be consulted on the websites ‘Warmtefoto Gent’ and ‘Zoom in op uw dak Antwerpen’. Recently, EUROSENSE has also been awarded with the following projects: thermography and light mapping of some industrial areas in East-Brabant for the intercommunal organization ‘Interleuven’ (see article in Dutch newspaper Nieuwsblad) and the thermography of Leuven (see article in Dutch magazine Bouwkroniek).

Tree Inventory and Tree Health Analysis

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For more than 10 years, EUROSENSE is executing an inventory and an analysis of the phytosanitary status of trees along the roads in the Brussels Capital Region. Experienced tree experts execute a visual check in the field, and interpret as well aerial colour-infrared imagery in order to come to a combined score for tree health. For more information, click here.
For half of the province of West-Vlaanderen, EUROSENSE executed a project in which a Visual Tree Assessment is executed for a high amount of trees along regional roads. For more information, click here. Currently EUROSENSE is executing the same project for the other half of the province of West-Vlaanderen. A similar project is also ongoing for the province of East-Flanders. For the Brussels Institute for management of the environment the health status of trees in parks is being analyzed by our own tree health experts.

Orthophotos and vector maps of the Belgian railroad network

Large scale vector maps, orthophotos and other ancillary geographic information are crucial in the maintenance of a railroad network. EUROSENSE therefore has been awarded by Infrabel-Tuc Rail, the Belgian railway infrastructure managers, with a large project regarding the provision of actual and detailed geo-information on the 3500 km long Belgian railroad network. The project, executed over a period of three years, consists of flights with vertical and oblique cameras on the entire network, and the subsequent processing towards accurate digital orthophotos and 3D large scale vector maps.  For more information, click here.

Interested in more Belgian projects? Please take a look at our reference projects or contact our Belgian office.