EUROSENSE Office in Bulgaria

The Company EUROSENSE EOOD has been established on December 16, 2003. Its Bulgarian office is located in the capital city of Sofia, occupying an area of 320 square meters in the building of the Business Center Serdika. The company is represented by its General Manager Eng. Milena Kurteva. Since June, 2005 EUROSENSE EOOD has been holder of an “Aerial Operator Certificate” for aerial works. Later in 2005 the company received a Certificate of “Registrature for keeping classified information” and from January 2012 EUROSENSE EOOD has a Certificate for "Automated Information System", giving possibilities to work with classified information. All products and services to customers are fully integrated within the organization: aerial photo, processing and interpretation of digital satellite images, development of photogrammetric and topographic maps, digital orthophoto images, aerial laser scanning, hydrographic and thermographic measurements, development of databases in the sphere of GIS and consulting services. All the products and services of EUROSENSE EOOD are of high quality, in compliance with ISO 9001, whereas starting from the spring of 2012 the company’s operations follow the requirements of ISO 27001.


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Over the past years EUROSENSE EOOD has built fundamental technical capacity, thus becoming a leading company in the field of Aerial photography and Photogrammetry in Bulgaria. In the period 2005-2012, the Company has executed successfully several projects on an international, national and local government level, related to agriculture, railway infrastructure, urban planning, environment and water, using state-of-the-art-equipment and technologies on a regular basis, while delivering quality products to its customers.
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