Projects in Bulgaria

Orthorectification of satellite images

Over a period of seven consecutive years (2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012 and 2013) EUROSENSE EOOD has performed for the needs of the State Fund Agriculture an orthorectification of satellite images, used to control the arable areas and types of planted crops. High resolution (HR) and very high resolution (VHR) satellite images were geo-referenced, based on ground control points. Ortho-photographic images were produced in true colour (RGB) and infrared images (CIR) with dimensions and specifications, in accordance with the LPIS grid of the Ministry of Agriculture and Foods.

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Danube Flood Risk

EUROSENSE EOOD successfully completed the pilot project in Bulgaria “Aerial surveying of the terrain and preparation of digital terrain model of flood plains of the Bulgarian bank of the Danube River” for the Ministry of Environment and Water. The project is a part of the EU Danube Region Strategy (DRS) and aims to develop a uniform methodology for calculating the risk of flooding and the level of vulnerability of territories along the Danube in the eight participating countries: Austria, Bulgaria, Hungary, Italy, Romania, Slovakia, Croatia and Serbia and to create maps of the danger and risk. The project includes the elaboration of a Digital Terrain Model and a Digital Surface Model by Airborne Laser Scanning as well as an elaboration of orthophotos with a resolution of 40 cm of the flood plains of the Bulgarian bank of the Danube River. The area of interest (2500 km2) was covered with a density of 3 points/m2.

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Bulgarian Railway project

In the period 2009-2010, EUROSENSE EOOD, as a member of the EUROGEORAIL Consortium, has completed projects on aerial photography, vector mapping, DTM, creation of 3D database of objects and elements, as well as digital colour orthophoto with a resolution of 10 cm of the railway infrastructure in Bulgaria, under the Agreement “Design and Implementation of a Geographic Information System for the needs of the National Railway Infrastructure Company". The project is financed by the European Fund for Regional Development under the Operational Programme „Transport” 2007-2013. It covers the entire territory of Bulgaria. The total area of Aerial photography is 7630 sq. km, including 6937 km of railroad, over 382 railway stations, 186 tunnels, etc.

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LPIS – Digital colour orthophoto coverage of Bulgaria

In 2005-2006, the Company has made aerial photo flights with three aircraft, fully equipped with aerial survey equipment over the entire territory of the Republic of Bulgaria (total area of 110 732 sq. km), establishing the first digital colour ortho-photo map with a resolution of 50 cm for the Ministry of Agriculture and Forests, under the “Land Parcel Identification System (LPIS) Development Project”. That was a necessary and a key step for the accession of Bulgaria to the EU without a clause on the Chapter of Agriculture. As a result, around 7000 orthophoto maps were generated with 4x4 km tiles, and a DTM with a 40 cm grid.


The project “Mapping and Analysis of Floods in the Basin of the Maritsa River” was funded by ESA (European Space Agency) under the GMES Program (Global Monitoring for Environment and Security), the RISK EOS segment (Risk- Earth Observation Services) and comprised the delivery of Assets mapping, Rapid Mapping, Flood Risk Analysis and Flood Simulation to support Risk Management of Floods and Fires in all stages of the risk management cycle. The mapping area was a 10 km buffer along the Maritsa River in Bulgaria. A combination of satellite images and surveying techniques was used for the purpose.

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Microsoft Virtual EARTH Project

In 2007 EUROSENSE EOOD made the first aerial photo flights in Bulgaria and Macedonia with a digital colour camera over the cities of Sofia, Plovdiv and Skopje, under the Partnership Program of Microsoft Corporation Virtual Earth (now Bing Maps). Those were the first cities in South-Eastern Europe to be incorporated within the Microsoft Global Geospatial Data-Base. The Ground Sampling Distance of the orthophotos was 15 cm. A large number of colour aerial images were collected and processed throughout the project and ground control points (GCP) were measured, to be implemented in all spheres of business life, using geospatial data.

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