LiDAR Department by EUROSENSE


The LiDAR department is located in Belgium (Wemmel). Well qualified,experienced engineers working together with young, dynamic and open-minded specialists, became European leaders in point cloud data processing, feature extractions and object recognitions. For EUROSENSE high accuracy is a top priority . With our Hight Quality Adjustment System we are able to reach: RMSx,y<0.05m, RMZz<0.035m ( for AGL<500m)

Equipment: Sensors

EUROSENSE owns two most-advanced LiDAR sensors on the market, namely two Riegl Q680i sensors (Pulse Repetition Rate up to 400kHz), able to digitize and record the entire back-scattered signal of each laser pulse (full-waveform). Optionally, sensors can be combined with a calibrated 39M or 50M pixel (lenses: 35mm or 50mm) camera from IGI(Digicam) and installed in a helicopter as well as in an airplane.

Typical Products

Our products:
-3D Objects
-Building extraction (3D vectors)
-Bridges (3D vectors)
-Intensity maps
-Vegetation detection
-True orthophoto maps

Running projects

- Belgian Coast 2015-2018 (BE)
- Boven and Beneden ZeeSchelde 2014-2016 (BE)
- AHN3 (NL)
- LiDAR Niedersachsen (DE)

Reference projects

-LiDAR Flemish Region (DHM Flanders II) (BE)
-AHN2 (NL)
-LiDAR Walloon Region (BE)
-Fluxys (BE)
-Dutch Coast 2007-2010 (NL)
-Westerschelde 2007-2010 (NL)
-Biesbos 2010 (NL)
-Belgian Coast 2007-2015 (BE)
-Hautes Fagne (BE)