Remote Sensing Applications Department

The Remote Sensing Applications department (RSA) is located in Belgium and is represented by a motivated and dynamic team consisting out of 10 highly qualified persons. RSA is specialized in value adding of satellite and aerial image data.
EUROSENSE built up a broad experience in satellite remote sensing since the appearance of the first commercial satellites. Major activities in image processing already started in 1981. Quickly EUROSENSE became a market leader in the processing of satellite data. Spatial data, like satellite or aerial data are converted through a number of specialised procedures into value-adding information services fitting the effective user needs. The department plays an active role in different application domains (energy, environment and agriculture, risk & security, land,..). You can read more about our services in the “your application” page.

Main running projects

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RSA is actively involved in many commercial and R&D projects. The topics are very diverse and range from thermography and the monitoring of the health status of trees up to risk management (like floods) and land use mapping. Within research consortiums at European (ESA & EC), national and regional level, new services and applications are continuously developed and improved. Read more


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