Multi risk preparedness supported by Earth Observation

Eurosense presented a paper regarding “Multi risk preparedness supported by Earth Observation” at the Gi4DM 2011 Conference in Antalya (Turkey) on 03-08 May 2011.

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In the context of global warming, intensity and frequency of rainfall events is expected to increase and cause more severe transnational floods. Developed for EC’s Flood Directive, assets mapping (AM) services address the needs of pan-European disaster preparedness. Eurosense developed its AM services in the frame of the Global Monitoring for Environment and Security (GMES) – Services and Applications for Emergency Response project (SAFER).

No technology can prevent natural hazards, but, Earth Observation (EO) maps and services can support the multiple phases of disaster management (prevention, early warning, in-crisis or post-crisis). By monitoring the hazards impacts, these generic and multi-risk assets mapping services help in preventing risks and deaths and in setting up responsible prevention measures. Assets mapping services comprise multiple criteria: either quantitative (e.g. economical damage and affected people), or qualitative by analysis of the impact (e.g. on the environment).

EO based geo-models integrated in spatial data infrastructure combine EO data with ancillary data such as population census, socio-economic statistics and land-use maps. Three scales of generic products are proposed within SAFER: pan-European, regional and local. Challenges in the development of AM maps are (i) the harmonization at European level and outside the EU, (ii) multi-risk transferability, (iii) the access to input/source data, and (iv) the delivery of dynamic multi-media to interact with users. The validation of these assets mapping services follows a strict quality check protocol (in relation to reference data). The accordance to the directive and relevance in terms of users requirements are part of this validation.

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