MALAREO Map Atlas for malaria research and control community

The Map Atlas contains all map products created in the MALAREO project aiming to support the daily work of the National Malaria Control Programs (NMCP) in the project area.

Based on a variety of thematic maps, the management of integrated vector control, including the planning of indoor residual spraying (IRS), the distribution of insecticide treated nets (ITN) or larvaciding, can be substantially improved and can result in more effective vector control measures.

All geo-data were provided to the NMCPs as geo-referenced shape files and raster files to implement the data in their data management systems. All data presented in this Map Atlas can also be downloaded via the MALAREO website. The use of these data and of this Map Atlas for the work of the NMCPs was also part of three capacity building sessions. MALAREO organized courses in GIS, Earth Observation and spatial statistics for the end-users. The courses were held at the University of KwaZulu-Natal (Durban, South-Africa) and targeted at the NMCPs in Southern Africa.

Click here to download the MALAREO Map Atlas.

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