EUROSENSE' products highly scored at the SAFER operational qualification

The assets mapping and flood risk services developed by EUROSENSE ‘s Work Package within SAFER have been assessed by a two-fold qualification test. They succeeded to be ranked at the highest positions.

The assets mapping and flood risk services, within the SAFER (Services and Applications For Emergency Response) project, address the needs of pan-European disaster preparedness and response. Four of these generic services responding to the EC’s Flood Directive have recently been operationally checked by a test case on Albania: (i) BEAM - Basic European Assets Map displaying monetary values per area unit (e.g. €/m²) and population distribution (inhabitants/m²) on country level, (ii) HiRAM -Higher Resolution Assets Map bridging the gap between covered area and level of detail, (iii) Past Flood Mapping and (iv) Flood Hazard /Risk Mapping.

The two-fold qualification procedure for operational implementation of SAFER services at the European level contained: (i) a service maturity assessment and (ii) a EUAC III user interest evaluation (among these users are the civil protection and humanitarian organisations). In the service maturity analysis our services had the four highest ranks (see figure). Three of our four services have been ranked in the five best services according to the user interest.

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Basic European Assets Map for the Shkodër region in Albania (© Eurosense)

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