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21.04.2017 - EUROSENSE successfully finished DECUMANUS project for EU (2014-2016)
EUROSENSE executed the FP7 project DECUMANUS for the European Union (EU) in a consortium led by INDRA. The aim of the project was to provide city managers with a set of sustainable decision support services that allow the deployment of geo-spatial products for the development and implementation of climate change strategies and meeting the diverse challenges of sustainable urban development. EUROSENSE realized the ‘city energy’ service, which focused on determining the areas within the city that are the least energy-efficient. By zooming in on the increasing atmospheric CO2 concentrations that cities produce due to the inefficient energy use, cost reductions that would occur due to energy saving could be determined. EO-based services have been developed focusing on three aspects: thermal energy loss due to the heating of buildings, excessive lighting (night-time lights) and roof photovoltaic potential.
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03.07.2013 - EUROSENSE successfully finished demonstration project for European Investment Bank
EUROSENSE executed the EOEuropa project ‘Motorway Impact on Protected Sites’. The aim of the EOEuropa initiative is to demonstrate the use of Earth Observation (EO) data to support the management of the European Investment Bank’s (EIB) projects across the whole projects lifecycle.
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