Projects by EUROSENSE (France)

Dunkerque (Communauté Urbaine et Port)

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The Dunkerque Urban Metropolitan (CUD) and the Dunkerque Marine Harbour (GPMD) are in charge of the implementation and development of a geographic information system focusing on site planning and management. EUROSENSE France has been selected for the realization of the first high resolution urban ortho-photomap (native GSD = 8cm) including DTM, topological vector cartography (ESRI –ArcGis & STAR - APIC) and modeling 3D buildings (Lod 2). The area of interest covers 437 km².

Seine-Saint-Denis (Département)

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Since 2010, EUROSENSE realizes an airborne thermography study, covering the entire Seine-Saint-Denis Department (native GSD = 50cm), of 236 km². This study aims to show the heat loss through the building roofs and wants to initialize a public awareness policy regarding environmental respect in the 40 Department communities. Each cadastral building polygon must be identified and superposed on the ortho-thermomap, in order to allow the inhabitants to verify their roof insulation state. 278.000 buildings are concerned.

Lyon (Communauté Urbaine)

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The Lyon Urban Metropolitan (Grand LYON) has ordered to EUROSENSE, the 3D city modeling (Lod 2 & 3) of 220.000 buildings, including the implementation of strict topological rules. This study focuses on the estate inventory, within the territory of Grand LYON, that covers 514 km². The final product is structured in ESRI – ArcGis Multipatch format. Remarkable buildings and bridges are also produced in Rhinoceros format.