EUROSENSE GmbH (Germany)

The German EUROSENSE office is founded in 1982 and since October 2010 located in the modern technology centre in Rheinbach, close to the cities of Bonn and Cologne. EUROSENSE GmbH has executed a lot of successful projects for public administrations on national, state or local level. Besides this, EUROSENSE GmbH is also a service provider for private companies, with a long tradition especially in fields of telecommunication, but also in other branches. It can offer every application offered by the EUROSENSE group.

Data acquisition

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EUROSENSE GmbH has a long history of successfully executed projects in airborne sensorflights. After executing analogue photoflights at different scales for several years, since 2008 all photoflight projects in Germany were executed using Vexcel UltraCam X or UltraCam Xp. EUROSENSE GmbH has also a long tradition in fields of airborne laserscanning and airborne thermography. With new, modern sensors we can reach high point densities in LIDAR and offer also high resolution thermographic images, which can be used for example to detect urban heat losses. Read more about our references in fields of airborne data acquisition.
Image: Aachen, Frankenberger Quarter, Vexcel UltraCam-X, 25cm GSD, 2008

Services in Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing

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In more than 25 years EUROSENSE GmbH has executed numerous projects in fields of photogrammetry and remote sensing. Stereoscopic aerial images were used for a number of different applications like cadastral mapping, the registration of sealed areas, landuse- or biotopmonitoring etc. Besides the work with aerial imagery EUROSENSE GmbH has also a long time experience in interpreting satellite data. Read more about our project experience in photogrammetry and remote sensing...
Image: Würzburg, pixel based landuse classification on 2010 RapidEye images


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