Kick-Off for thermal project with Dr. Norbert Röttgen - Germany

The project on aerial thermography in Rheinbach is ready to start and will be executed by EUROSENSE as soon as weather permits.

Mr. Robin Denstorff, initiator of the project and head of the city planning, gave a well-founded presentation of the technical workflow of the project and the basic idea to use the thermal survey as an instrument for information and activation. He pointed out the importance of data interpretation and described how house owners in Rheinbach will be involved on a voluntary basis in forms of a mailing and additional consulting services.

In his welcoming speech the mayor of the city, Mr. Stefan Raetz stated, that he is very happy that the project was decided within the city council with a consent from the people of all parties. The German Federal Ministre of Environment Dr. Röttgen was very impressed by the idea of the innovative project and stated in his discourse that the project has a high political relevance and is expected to be pathbreaking not only on regional but also on national level.

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