Green Capital of Europe 2017

Tool developed by research project WeBest implemented in ‘Green Capital of Europe 2017’

On Wed 24/05 the results of the innovative 3-year research project WeBest were presented. EUROSENSE presented its activities within the project as well, consisting of data acquisition in the German cities of Essen and Ludwigsburg (mobile mapping and thermography of facades), processing of the data (calibration of thermal images, georeferencing…) and matching with 3D-building models. The Technical University of Stuttgart (lead partner) used this information acquired by EUROSENSE to determine essential parameters for a web-based simulation tool for energy demands. The tool will be implemented by the city of Essen this year, so it can be part of the actions the city is taking this year as ‘Green Capital of Europe 2017’. Further info about the project can be found following this link:

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