Services in Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing by EUROSENSE (Germany)

3D modelling and solar potential mapping

Click to enlarge - Köln (Germany)

Roof shapes can be derived from first pulse LIDAR-data as well as from stereo-images. The step from LOD1 to LOD2 or even LOD3 city models is an important step for various applications in urban planning. Textured 3D-city models are an impressive tool in fields of city marketing. Solar potential mapping has become an important issue to many German local authorities to promote their activities in fields of climate protection. EUROSENSE GmbH offers upgrade or creates 3D-models and cooperates with specialised partner companies in fields of solar potential analysis.
Image: Solarpotential Köln, in Kooperation mit für die INTERGEO 2010


Since the 90s EUROSENSE GmbH has close customer relationships to German telecommunication companies and is a reliable partner delivering different kind of geoinformation for their network planning tools. A large number of photoflights were executed and 3D-city models with different specifications have been produced in the past. Actual projects have been executed in the last three years.
In the same time frame EUROSENSE has successfully executed several projects in fields of landuse classification based on satellite images.

Water Management

Click to enlarge - Brandenburg flood (Germany)

EUROSENSE GmbH has supported Water Authorities in the past in many different ways. For the state environmental office in Brandenburg EUROSENSE executed a photoflight of the Oder flood in 1997. In a new project in 2009 the analogue images were scanned, interpreted and the extension of the flooded areas mapped in detail. The results were used in latest floodings to detect endangered areas and prevent further damages.
Aerial images acquired by EUROSENSE were also used in a project to update the actual landuse coverage for the Bergish-Rhenish Water Association in 2009/2010. The mapping of sealed areas using stereo-images is also still an actual issue for local administrations in some of the German states.
Image: Scanned analogue image Oder flood 1997, vector mapping of water-land-border

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