EUROSENSE Office in Hungary

EUROSENSE Kft in Hungary was established in 1993. After a rapid development EUROSENSE Kft became one of the leading professional companies in the field of aerial data acquisition and digital image processing in Hungary. During the last 18 years EUROSENSE Kft successfully executed a large number of different kinds of photogrammetric projects for the use of state administration, ministries, local governments, furthermore for the use of agricultural, water management, environmental protection agencies.
EUROSENSE Kft is well known as the producer of digital colour and infrared orthophoto mosaics, digital terrain models. However the Hungarian office can provide all photogrammetric applications which can be offered by the EUROSENSE group.. The Hungarian office is situated at the half way of Liszt Ferenc International Airport and the city centre, within the area of XIX district of Budapest.


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During the execution of the projects, EUROSENSE Kft’s main goal is the following: precise execution, keeping the deadlines, close contact with our customers.
EUROSENSE Kft can satisfy specialized needs, like fast and immediate airborne data acquisition for example emergency photo flights for analyzing and monitoring of a flood situation. EUROSENSE Kft is specialized in the field of airborne data acquisition and digital orthophoto production covering large areas. EUROSENSE Kft also executes smaller projects for local governments such as digital colour and infrared orthophoto mosaics with 10-20 cm resolution, digital terrain model production and 2D or 3D vector mapping for GIS in the frame of township management purposes.

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EUROSENSE Kft carried out at her own expense an RGB and CIR airborne data acquisition (GSD=10cm) within the area of the administrative boundaries of Budapest, the Capital. These flights were done in the non-vegetation period in early April of 2009. These data are ready to deliver on the customer’s request and an orthophoto coverage can also be ordered.


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