Off-the-shelf products and service of EUROSENSE Hungary

High resolution Photoflight of Budapest 2009

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EUROSENSE Kft has its own digital images for the whole coverage of Budapest City with 10 cm ground resolution of 10cm. The photoflights were executed in early spring of 2009.The non-vegetation period allows to see the detail in parcels and in the streets.


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EUROSENSE Kft. has a huge scanning capacity for digitization of archive analogue films. We have 3 Z/I Photoscan 2000 professional photogrammetric scanners available for this production. With these scanners EUROSENSE Kft can execute 23x23cm films in roll or sheet by sheet scanning in different resolution (14, 21, 28, … micron).
During the last years more than 200 000 images were scanned in the Hungarian EUROSENSE office.

3D modeling service

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By using the top modern methods and technologies EUROSENSE Kft has proper experience to produce the 3D city models. In our GIS services section we prepared 3D models for different kind of applications.