Projects in Hungary

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Several projects were carried out for central and regional water managements in Hungary: middle and large scales airborne data acquisition, extraction of digital terrain models for flood modeling, 2D and 3D vector mapping, and digital RGB and CIR orthophoto maps are the top searches.
During the last year EUROSENSE Kft executed several emergency photo flights for the organization of the Hungarian Central Directorate for Water and Environment in the frame of flood monitoring in Hungary.

Following the heavy rain falls in Central Europe in 2010 some of the Hungarian rivers, like Kapos, Koppány, Hernád, Sajó, Bódva and Tisza have been flooding large tracks of land, destroying many homes and forcing the evacuation of hundreds of people. In order to have a clear overview of the affected areas and the evolution of the flooding, EUROSENSE Kft has been asked by the Central Directorate to execute several emergency photo flights. EUROSENSE Kft was able to mobilize her capacities and organize the flights within a few hours after the requests. During five flight missions 1372 digital images were taken covering about 1486 km2. After the photo flights all images were processed into georeferenced digital orthophotos within two days. The acquired imagery illustrates clearly how the emergency situation is evolving and was therefore found to be an excellent instrument in the disaster management.

Orthophoto production for land parcel identification system

In connection with the European Common Agricultural Policy and within the framework of IACS (Integrated Administration Control System), the land parcel identification system (LPIS) was prepared to be introduced in Hungary in the year 2000. FÖMI (Institute of Geodesy, Cartography and Remote Sensing) as the state agency of the land parcel identification system, issued a tender for aerial photography covering the whole area of Hungary by using the method of public procurement. In spite of the heavy international competition in every occasion when the LPIS tender was issued in Hungary (2000, 2005, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010 and 2011) EUROSENSE Kft was announced as the winner. In 2000 and 2005 colour analogue airborne data acquisition was stipulated, while from 2007 digital RGB and CIR photo flights were requested. An RGB and CIR tiled orthophoto mosaic (resolution min: 50 cm) and an updated digital terrain model had to be delivered. In 2011, the project area covers 30 947 sqkm.

High resolution city orthomosaics

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EUROSENSE Kft carried out several high resolution (10-20cm ) airborne data acquisition and produced orthophoto mosaic for local governments. For the XII and XIV district of Budapest, EUROSENSE Kft produced in different years high resolution orthomosaics. For the following cities and capital districts orthomaps were produced by EUROSENSE Kft: Budapest III, IV, VIII, XII, XIII, XIV, XV, XVII districts, Salgótarján, Esztergom, Kecskemét, Győr, Debrecen towns .

Other reference projects

Besides these major projects, EUROSENSE Kft also executes smaller projects for local governments such as high resolution orthophoto production, 2D and 3D mapping.