EUROSENSE Sp. z o. o. (Poland)

The Polish EUROSENSE office is located in Warsaw. EUROSENSE Sp. z o.o. offers on the Polish market the wide range of services and applications being offered by the EUROSENSE group. EUROSENSE Sp. z o.o. executed projects for national and local government within public tenders as well as for private companies. EUROSENSE Sp. z o.o. is well known and recognized on the Polish market for realization of projects in aerial photography, production of orthophotomaps and 3D city modelling.


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EUROSENSE Sp. z o.o. is specialised in brand new technologies and nowadays can offer acquisition of aerial thermal images including interpretation of visible terrestial hazards and spots in danger represented by thermal maps (browse offers). Moreover, we can offer data from aerial laser scanning LIDAR, high quality DTM. We are constant suppliers of digital and analogue aerial images, orthophotomaps and DTM derived from images. Also we can supply in 3D modelling and vector data extracted from the photogrammetric workstations. Read more


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