EUROSENSE Office in Romania

The EUROSENSE office in Romania was established in 2004 in Bucharest. The company participated in the execution of some of the largest aerophotography projects in Romania in recent years, using always state of the art equipment and technologies and delivering quality products to its clients in the Romanian public administration or to private companies. Presently EUROSENSE ROMANIA SRL offers a wide range of services and applications in geodata acquisition, mapping, remote sensing and GIS, taking also advantage of the combined resources of the EUROSENSE group.

Data acquisition

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In the past 8 years EUROSENSE ROMANIA SRL has successfully executed aerophotography projects in Romania using analogue and digital airborne photogrammetric cameras. Starting with analogue photoflights at different scales in 2005 and 2006, since 2008 all photoflight projects in Romania were executed using Vexcel UltraCam X or UltraCam Xp digital cameras. Using the technical capacity and experience of the whole EUROSENSE group, we can also execute LIDAR scanning flights or airborne thermal camera flights. Read more about our references in fields of airborne data acquisition.
Image: Constanta Harbor, Vexcel Ultracam X, 18 cm GSD, © ANCPI 2008

Remote Sensing and GIS Applications

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EUROSENSE ROMANIA has the necessary experience to use modern remote sensing and GIS technologies such as multispectral image processing in applications for land classification, mapping and analysis of green areas or production of risk and hazard maps.
Image: Vexcel Ultracam Xp, CIR 40 cm GSD, © Eurosense 2009


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