EUROSENSE s.r.o. (the Slovak Republic)

The Slovak EUROSENSE office was founded in 1994. It is located in Bratislava and represented by Ing. Robert Barca. EUROSENSE s.r.o. executes various projects for the government, municipalities, non-governmental organisations, private customers and companies using our data in different ways, mostly as a primary layer of their geodatabases. Main products are orthophotomaps, digital terrain models, 3D vector data, 3D buildings and different 3D visualizations, but EUROSENSE s.r.o. can offer every application offered by the EUROSENSE group.


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The high quality, precise and large scale orthophotomaps are one of the main spheres of interest since the establishment of the company. Since 2002, we produce orthophotomaps for the whole of Slovakia (project “IACS”), which are updated in three-yearly intervals. We participated as collector of 3D vector data in a huge 3D mapping project called “CPD VISÚ” (Military countrywide information system of Slovakia) during the years 2003-2008. We continually update our digital terrain model in a more precise and recent condition. For achieving prime quality for one specific customer, we used non-vegetation images in three selected areas. Our team has a long term experience with 3D mapping. Precise 3D detailed roof models of buildings for selected cities were also textured by aerial images. Other 3D vector data (roads, buildings, vegetation, etc.) has been used by our customers to analyse the level of noise around the roads and in densely populated areas. Our customers appreciate the ability to visualize 3D data in different softwares, that help them show our data effectively. Our branch offers also high quality printing and our printed orthophotomaps adorn many office walls.

Off-the-shelf products

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EUROSENSE s.r.o. owns a database of 3D buildings, digital terrain model and various scaled orthophotomaps of Slovakia. We are in possession of  a set of large scales orthophotomaps (from 10cm to 20cm pixel resolution) for the Bratislava region from 1999, 2003, 2007, 2008, 2010. The usage of the latest Vexcel digital cameras enables us to create colour infrared (CIR) orthophotomaps since 2007. Our database of digital terrain models contains mass points and breaklines and is ready to be delivered to the client. We use our database of city models to create interactive 3D pdf for the best visualization, especially for architects and developers who ask to insert their planned buildings into existing city models.


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