Off-the-shelf products by EUROSENSE (Slovakia)


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EUROSENSE s.r.o. owns datasets of orthoimagery (2002, 2005, 2008) from the Slovak republic (project “IACS”). Next to this datasets, we have selected areas covered by 10cm or 20 cm pixel resolution orthophotomaps from 1997 to 2007 (projects “SPF”). The older orthophotomaps have 3 colour channels (RGB). Since 2007 we are also able to deliver colour infrared orthophotomaps (CIR). We can offer you a cut-out from these datasets according your wishes (shape, resolution and format).

“IACS” or “SPF” orthophotomaps have a different pixel resolution for the different years. Normally we use S-JTSK coordinates system and tiles (2,5 or 5 km2), but any size, shape, resolution and format can be prepared.

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Digital terrain model (DTM)

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The stereo imagery was used to create a digital terrain model of Slovakia, which consists of manually edited mass points and breaklines, of which  a TIN, contours or a grid can be generated. The digital terrain model is, if necessary,  improved with every new photoflight  resulting in our database being the most actual and precise available for our country. It represents a real terrain model (elevation and man made ground modification fixated on the ground) which does not contain objects above the ground level (bridges, buildings, vegetation, etc.). The height accuracy (RMSE in Z) of  non-vegetated ground is 60 cm, of  vegetated ground is 1,5 meter.

3D vector data

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A 3D vector database was created  based on the aerial imagery for selected areas. Depending on the customers demand, the database contains roads, vegetations or buildings. Our data were used by our customers to create noise maps, line of sight visibility maps, topographic maps and solar potential analysis.

Visualization of 3D data

Every visualization of 3D data is the challenge, because every customer needs a unique approach. Here are some of our previous orders as an example.

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Contact our Slovak office for more information and demo data.