EUROSENSE BV (the Netherlands)

The Dutch EUROSENSE office is located in Zwijndrecht and is represented by Wout Velthoven. EUROSENSE BV executes projects for national and local governments and has also customers on the private market. It can offer every application offered by the EUROSENSE group. Special about our Dutch office is the availability of a large amount of off-the-shelf products, such as countrywide orthoimagery and 3D data which are ready to deliver.


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EUROSENSE BV is known for its regular production of countrywide orthoimagery of the Netherlands, called DKLN . In 2011 EUROSENSE made the sixth coverage's, earlier DKLN's were made in 1996, 2000, 2003, 2006, 2008, 2011, 2014, 2015 and currently 2016. EUROSENSE produced parts of AHN2 2011-2012 and AHN3 2014-2015, the height model of the Netherlands. This is a Lidar project with a point density of approximately 9pts/m². Next to these large projects EUROSENSE BV also executes smaller projects for local governments such as high resolution orthophotoproduction, lightmapping, thermography... Read more

Off-the-shelf products

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EUROSENSE BV owns countrywide datasets of orthoimagery, 3Ddata and DTM. These data are ready to deliver and have very attractive prices because they are used by multiple users.  Depending on your needs they can be delivered in different formats, resolutions, tilings,... Take a look at our off-the-shelf products to see what is available. Read more


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