EUROSENSE makes orthophotos of old 1975 and 1990 imagery - THE NETHERLANDS

EUROSENSE created two false colour orthophotos based on imagery from the years 1970 and 1975. In total 645 images have been scanned and processed to two orthophotos. A big challenge was the lack of the camera calibration report and GPS log for determining the exact location of the imagery. With special tools EUROSENSE was able to create a precise orthophoto of the area for the 2 surveys.

Dunea, a water supplier in the region of Den Hague, is responsible for the dunes near the coast. The dunes are used as a water extraction area to provide water for 1,2 million people. It is important that the dunes are in good condition. With this false colour orthophoto, Dunea can monitor the vegetation status over the years.

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