Thermography of Bussum online - THE NETHERLANDS

The thermographic map of the municipality of Bussum (the Netherlands) is now available on the Geoloket of Bussum. On this website inhabitants can look up their house and by answering some simple questions they can get an indication on the quality of their roof insulation. With this sensitization instrument the municipality of Bussum tries to encourage inhabitants to put extra roof insulation.

During the night of 21/02/2011, an airplane of EUROSENSE equipped with a thermal camera has flown above Bussum to make thermal images of the roofs of the houses and buildings. At the same time 60 volunteers have measured the temperature below their roofs. The measurements were used to make an interpretation key and several legends. These legends enable people to analyze the insulation quality of their roofs.

Click here to read an article about this project published in the december 2011 edition of GIS Magazine (in Dutch).

Interested in a thermography project for your municipality? Contact our Dutch office for additional information or to plan a meeting and discuss the different possibilities for your municipality.

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