EUROSENSE executes thermography of Enschede - THE NETHERLANDS

Last night, 01/02/2012, an airplane of EUROSENSE equipped with a thermal camera has flown above Enschede and Losser to make thermal images of the roofs of the houses and buildings. At the same time 200 volunteers have measured the temperature below their roofs. The measurements will be used to make an interpretation key and several legends. These legends will enable people to analyze the insulation quality of their roofs.
In a few months the municipality of Enschede will launch a web application similar to the one in Antwerp ( to present the results to their citizens.

In addition to the thermal map, EUROSENSE will also create a lightmap. This allows the municipality to optimize the public lighting.

Click here to see an interview about this project on RTVOost on 2/02/2012 (in Dutch).

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