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DKLN2008 Bourtange

EUROSENSE BV owns countrywide datasets of orthoimagery, 3D polygondata and DTM. These data are ready to deliver and have very attractive prices because they are used by multiple users. In 2011, EUROSENSE realized for the sixth time a countrywide aerial orthophoto of the Netherlands, called DKLN. The DKLN2011 is a photographic coverage throughout the Netherlands and 15km across the border with Belgium and Germany. The resolution of the imagery is 25cm. Click here for the project card of the DKLN2011.

Several municipalities, provinces, water authorities and ministries use the DKLN. But also engineering and utility companies use the data for their projects and processes. The DKLN is very useful as a basic map, for visualisations of projects and for mapping. There are also countrywide aerial photos available of 1996, 2000, 2003, 2006 and 2008. These can be used to follow changes over time. The DKLN2011 consists of RGB and CIR mosaics divided into 4 by 4 km tiles. On request a mosaic can be created.

Orthophoto DKLN2008

3D building- and vegetationdata

Polygondata Netherlands by EUROSENSE

Based on the DKLN2003 aerial imagery a unique 3D building and vegetation dataset was created. In 2006 and 2008 this dataset was updated based on the nationwide imagery of these years (DKLN). For the creation of the polygondata stereo images were used. These images allow the mapping of the outline and height of objects. In the database buildings, industry, greenhouses, vegetation and water have been defined as separate groups and for the vegetation and buildings (at least 60 m² surface) a height attribute with an accuracy of 75 cm is included.

The 3D data can be used to create height models and visualizations. The applications of the polygondata are almost unlimited. Going from use for planning masts for telecommunication companies, noise mapping, the assessment of flood risks and environmental impacts, determine the amount of greenery and buildings in one town to visualizing the impact of a new project in an urban environment. This unique product is available for 2003, 2006 and 2008. Separate files with the changes between 2003-2006 and 2006-2008 are also available.The polygondata are divided into tiles of 10 by 10 km. On request, a mosaic can be created.


Click to enlarge - Clutterdata EUROSENSE (The Netherlands)

Each of the above mentioned classes has its own characteristics in relation to propagation of radio waves. From the dataset three clutterdatasets were derived, one expressing the occurrence of classes, one showing the density of buildings and vegetation and a third one expressing height of buildings and vegetation. These three clutterdatasets are used to produce radio propagation models. Several telecom companies use this to optimize their wireless networks. Click here for the project card of the clutterdata.


The stereo imagery of the DKLN2008 with a 25cm resolution was used to create a digital terrain model (DTM). The DTM consists of masspoints and breaklines and was also converted to a height grid. The elevation data shows the height of the surface, this means without buildings or vegetation. The dataset has a height accuracy of 40cm.The DTM is particularly interesting because a breakline represents a sudden change in terrain height. Next to regular terrain features the DTM also precisely defines elements such as dikes, railways and canals. This contrasts with the elevation data obtained by laser altimetry, such as the AHN (Actual height model of the Netherlands), which consists only of point measurements.

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