Projects in the Netherlands

Orthophoto Maasvlakte the Netherlands

EUROSENSE BV is mainly known for its large projects such as DKLN and AHN. Even though EUROSENSE also executes smaller projects such as high resolution orthoproduction for municipalities, 2D and 3D mapping, tree health assessment, thermography,... In the paragraphs below some Dutch projects are presented. For more information on our projects you can also take a look at the EUROSENSE reference page.

AHN2 2011-2012

EUROSENSE successfully executed the AHN2 2011 acquisition for the water authorities 'De Dommel' and 'Aa en Maas’. The actual height model of the Netherlands, called AHN, is a very detailed and precise lidar database. The data is mainly used for water management but also serves other purposes. In 2012 EUROSENSE will produce the AHN2 date for the areas ‘Reest en Wieden’, 'Velt en Vecht' and 'Regge en Dinkel', three water authorities in the North of the Netherlands with a total area of 368.000 ha. For data acquisition a company owned aircraft and a LiteMapper (IGI) are used resulting in point densities of approximately 9pts/m². In order to meet the high quality standards of the AHN2 (height precision of 5cm) EUROSENSE developed new methods and software for quality control.


DKLN2008 orthophoto

In 2011 EUROSENSE realized for the sixth time a countrywide aerial orthophoto of the Netherlands, called DKLN. The DKLN2011 is a photographic coverage throughout the Netherlands and 15km across the border with Belgium and Germany. The data acquisition will was done with Vexcel UltraCam Xp digital cameras. Both stereo images and orthophotos with a resolution of 25 cm have been produced. Similar DKLN coverages were made in 1996, 2000, 2003, 2006 and 2008. The DKLN2011 is now available;

Thermography of Enschede, Losser and Borne

During the nights of 01/02/2012 and 10/02/2012, an airplane of EUROSENSE equipped with a thermal camera has flown above Enschede, Losser and Borne to make thermal images. At the same time volunteers measured the temperature below their roofs and filled in a questionnaire. The thermal images will be used to create a thermographic map of all roofs of the three Dutch municipalities. EUROSENSE will make an interpretation key and several legends based on the measurements. These legends will enable citizens to analyze the quality of their roof insulation based on the thermographic map. Click here for news about this project.

Tree Health Status in Alphen aan den Rijn

The Dutch municipality of Alphen aan den Rijn has observed an increase in the amount of urban trees suffering from malformations of unknown origin during the last few years. To get a better insight in the physiological health status of the trees, EUROSENSE made colour infrared aerial images of the municipality and used these images to analyse the tree health in two urban areas. To check the possible influence of electromagnetic radiation on the malformations and general tree health, a model of the electromagnetic field in the two project areas was made. The data was later compared with terrain observations.

Other reference projects

Besides these major projects, EUROSENSE BV also executes smaller projects for local and national governments such as high resolution orthophotoproduction, 2D and 3D mapping, tree health assessment,... Interested in more Dutch projects? Please take a look at our reference projects or contact our Dutch office.

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