EUROSENSE owns several sensors for aerial photography, laser altimetry and thermography which enable us to acquire data day and night. Several sensors can be used simultaneously.  Automated data acquisition is achieved with CCNS4 (IGI), a precise guidance system. AeroControl IGI) GPS/IMU system is used for direct georeferencing, based upon an accurate GPS receiver and the information of the IMU (Inertial Motion Unit) installed with the sensor.

EUROSENSE owns three large format digital aerial cameras, two UltraCamX and one UltraCamXp (Vexcel). These state of the art digital cameras combine an excellent geometry and a high radiometric performance with a large footprint resulting in an efficient data acquisition and high quality digital imagery. Based on the RGBI digital imagery EUROSENSE produces orthophotos, maps and 3D models. The imagery is also used for classification and interpretation for a broad range of applications.

EUROSENSE operates two Riegl Q680i sensors to acquire height data.This laserscanner has a rotating mirror which assures the regular pattern on the ground. The combination of the laserscanner with a company owned aircraft allows very efficient and accurate data acquisition covering large areas in a short period of time. Digital images can be acquired with the integrated DigiCAM (IGI). Laser height data are used to create digital elevation models. Objects, such as buildings and vegetation, can be filtered from the original data resulting in a digital terrain model (DTM). This is a database that only contains points on the bare earth. The data can also be grouped in several classes based on full waveform analysis and morphology-based filtering.

For airborne thermography EUROSENSE uses a Silver 660M (FLIR – CEDIP) thermal camera. Airborne thermography is an adequate technique to measure the temperature of the surface and object on the surface. The thermal imagery can provide an indication of the efficiency of the insulation of buildings and can also be used for the inspection of district heating systems and waste deposits. From the imagery, thermographic maps are made to support energy efficiency policies and to indicate places where measures are necessary.

EUROSENSE recently expanded its equipment with a Dual DigiCAM (IGI) for acquisition of oblique images. The Dual DigiCAM uses two DigiCAM cameras which are medium-format airborne digital camera systems. Both operate together as one system. There are several installation options. Besides oblique imagery the system can also be used for a larger swath width or for faster data acquisition. The Dual DigiCAM is used for example to make oblique imagery of railways.