2D and 3D mapping

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EUROSENSE has a broad experience in terms of digitization/photography plotting based upon aerial or spaceborne imagery. Large scale base maps, cadastral maps,... and their updates are just a few of the products for which EUROSENSE offers high quality results. As a special type of vector mapping, EUROSENSE is able to deduce 3D models of cities or villages from aerial imagery or LIDAR-data. We distinguish 3 types of models in which an increasing level of detail is measured.

3D models

More and more, 3D-models are finding their way into a broad variety of applications. The advantages of using real 3D information in which a realistic view is created of a certain region on earth are numerous. Next to the realistic 3D experience in visualizations, the use in algorithms, such as signal propagation algorithms, or in perception studies create a large advantage for local authorities, telecom- and consultancy companies. We distinguish 3 types of models in which an increasing level of detail (LoD) is measured.

Click to enlarge - LOD2, Sofia (Bulgaria)

Box models- LoD1

In the box model, polygons are drawn and stored together with the height value of the highest point of the roof. By means of 3D-software, cities can be visualized as a region full of boxes with different sizes. In 2003, 2006 and 2008 EUROSENSE made a countrywide box model in the Netherlands.

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Block models - LoD2

Block models are refined box models. The roof has been separately drawn. However, small roof features such as chimneys, are not taken into account.

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Roof model - LoD3

A roof model shows the contours of all features on buildings and roofs. It is a highly detailed drawing of reality

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Textured models

When aerial imagery have been acquired in such a way that high overlap was present between two consecutive images, the above mentioned models can be textured by means of the aerial images. Since parts of the images are always seen from a certain angle, it is even possible to texture facades and other vertical features.

Click to enlarge - LOD3 Texturovane

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