Click to enlarge - Basiliek, Koekelberg (Belgium)

Orthophotos are the basic layer for almost every Geographic Information System (GIS). EUROSENSE has an experience of more than 20 years in the production of digital colour orthophoto maps. Over this period EUROSENSE introduced the use of digital colour orthophotos in several countries (a.o. China, Poland,..) and realized country-wide coverages of several European countries (Belgium, The Netherlands, Slovakia, Bulgaria, Poland, Hungary,…). Very often these coverages are the multipurpose basic layer of a national GIS.

The basis of every orthophoto is high quality aerial imagery. Aerial imagery is acquired by means of one of the 4 twin-engine aircraft owned by EUROSENSE. These aircraft are equipped with one of the state-of-the-art digital cameras. EUROSENSE owns three large format digital aerial cameras from Vexcel, two UltraCam-X and one UltraCam-Xp. After the data acquisition the imagery is processed to a high quality orthophoto mosaic.

Click to enlarge - CIR, Alphen-aan-den-Rijn (The Netherlands)

An orthophoto map has the accuracy of any other map (e.g. topographical map) and shows the information of the original aerial image. In order to create an orthophoto map there is a need for technological steps in the production process: measuring ground control points (GCP), aerotriangulation (AET), production, editing or introduction of digital terrain model (DTM), mosaicing and radiometric correction. The resulting product is a seamless digital photo coverage of the terrain, allowing accurate extraction of different objects and features as separate layers in Geographical Information Systems.

Some examples of orthophotos made by EUROSENSE: click here!