EUROSENSE can provide you with a whole range of different satellite images from all over the world. We have no restrictions regarding satellite data source, its resolution, nor the area of interest. We have extensive experience in the processing of a wide range of optical and radar space imagery (SPOT, FORMOSAT, KOMPSAT, IKONOS, IRS, Quickbird, etc.) or a combination of them. EUROSENSE is specialized in the production of value added products as land use maps, flood models, etc.

Satellite data sources

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Interested in specific satellite data or its derived products and services? EUROSENSE can help you in defining the images that best fit your specific needs, assuring you the best use of the imagery for your daily activities. Read more

Processing and value adding

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EUROSENSE is specialized in basic processing services such as orthorectification and format conversion. We also produce a wide range of value added products like land use/land cover maps and flood models. Read more