Satellite data sources

Spot Distributorship

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EUROSENSE Belfotop (Belgium) is shareholder of Spot Image from the start-up and is official distributor of SPOT products in Belgium since 2008. Spot Image is a worldwide distributor of products and services using imagery from Earth observation satellites. Being a Spot Image distributor, EUROSENSE Belfotop acts as an intermediate or local agent between Spot Image in Toulouse and clients who are interested in these satellite data. Read more

Very High Resolution Optical Imagery

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Very high resolution optical images (e.g. QuickBird, IKONOS, WorldView) have a spatial resolution higher then 2,5m, thereby enabling the identification of single buildings, roads, vehicles, and even individual trees. Applications include urban planning, forestry, agriculture, hydrology and cartography. Read more

High Resolution Optical Imagery

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High Resolution Satellite imagery such as LANDSAT, IRS and ALOS have a spatial resolution of 5m or lower. These images have a much larger extent and a higher revisit rate which makes them suitable for small scale land use mapping and frequent monitoring of events. Read more