Value Adding

In times where the boundaries of environmental flexibility are tested on a global (e.g. impact of the global warming) and local (e.g. air/soil/noise pollution & biodiversity loss) scale, urban agglomerations are expanding exponentially, disasters like floods are affecting people more than ever and terrorist- and military treats are a daily news item, policy makers and all people active in the management of today’s society problems need tools to measure the current situation or certain trends and to plan improvement in the future. Only by accurate, harmonized and high-quality information, today’s society can be directed in a correct, sustainable direction, serving the real local, regional, national and global needs.

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EUROSENSE is specialised in collecting all types of spatial data, like aerial, satellite or bathymetric data. By its value adding, these collected data and products are converted through a number of specialised procedures into concrete information services fitting the real user needs. The domains and applications are manifold and are explained in more detail in the “Your Applications” section.