Brownfield Monitoring

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Brownfields are abandoned, idle, or under-used industrial or commercial properties where expansion or redevelopment is hindered by actual or suspected soil contamination. The presence of brownfield land doesn‘t give an attractive picture to the city and affects the economic prosperity of the region.
EUROSENSE can support responsible institutions with the monitoring of brownfields by provision of remote sensing-based services.

Based on very high resolution remote sensing data the geographical situation of brownfields, their surrounding area and their evolution throughout history can be assessed. Additionally, a geographic information system (GIS) can facilitate brownfield management by joining, displaying, and using a range of spatial and attribute data, both historic and current.

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Overview of services:

Local delineation of brownfield site and the respective elements based on historical and recent imagery

Analysis of land use (maps are based on orthophotos and/ or very high resolution imagery)

Environmental analysis: is a site located in urban / rural or industrial zone? Provision of demographic data on detailed level; connectivity of brownfield to highways, etc.

Historical analysis: based on historical and recent earth observation data, the expansion of a site, the change in land use, detection of old quarries etc. can be assessed.

A specialized application built on the ESRI ArcGIS platform makes it possible to generate a report for a selected brownfield site. This report encompasses graphics, image data and statistics (land use / land cover changes, demographic data on detailed level). In this way, geographical data can easily be managed, visualised and analysed.

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