Roof Insulation Assessment by Thermography

Click to enlarge - thermography, Antwerp (Belgium)

A high proportion of heat losses can occur through the roofs of individual residences. Good roof insulation measurements can decrease dramatically these losses. According to the Kyoto-protocol and subsequent regulations, local governments are expected to implement initiatives towards an efficient energy use and a better energy performance of buildings. Our thermography services are excellent instruments to promote city or communal subventions for proper roof insulation to the inhabitants.

On EUROSENSE’s thermographic map for Roof Insulation Assessment, inhabitants can easily locate their building, interpret the colours according to the thermographic legend and get an indication of their roof insulation quality. An interpretation key is provided to the citizens. A correct interpretation is extremely important when using thermal imagery. Different roof materials, shapes and central heating conditions can cause a variation in the colour of the thermal imagery even if they have the same temperature. Beside this map, city authorities can provide more information on subventions available from local governments.

Click to enlarge - Interpretation key

EUROSENSE built up high credibility in this service. Analysis and validation of the thermographic map are executed in parallel of the production in order to calibrate the interpretation key and corresponding legends on heat losses and insulation quality. On a general prospective, we use these thermographic services to inform clients and inhabitants on energy performance and efficiency of their building. Our training courses enable everybody to interpret its own building and to train other citizens to do it.

Based on the preferences of the client, the service includes different map products: (i) the full map of the area, (ii) a cut-out of the thermographic map for the building roofs only, (iii) a vector layer attributing for each roof a specific class of heat loss calculated as the median of the values occurring on this roof. We deliver all products in various formats: hardcopy atlas, atlas in pdf format, digital layers and/or website applications, depending on the choice of the client.

Click to enlarge - thermographic map products, Cherbourg (France)Click to enlarge - thermographic map, Cherbourg (France)Click to enlarge - thermographic legend