Energy, Environment and Agriculture

Countries over the whole world are setting up actions to reduce the emission of greenhouse gasses and try to better manage the earth’s resources, to make sure that our exploitation is not detrimental. EUROSENSE’s services contribute to a coordinated approach in handling the increasing human pressure on our environment and its resources.

Roof Insulation Assessment by Thermography

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Good roof insulation measures as proposed by energy regulations can decrease the urban heat losses. EUROSENSE’s thermography services are excellent instruments to promote city or communal subventions for proper roof insulation to the citizens. Read more

Analysis of District Heating Systems

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Urban district heating systems distribute the heat generated at a centralized location to a widely spread network of residential or commercial buildings.EUROSENSE’s thermography services help to monitor the district heating network and its efficiency. Read more

Light Mapping

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As one of their major energy consumers, municipalities and cities are looking to their public lightning in order to reduce their costs. Furthermore, cities want to investigate the public street light in terms of safety. The light maps produced by EUROSENSE are excellent policy instruments to achieve those objectives. Read more

Monitoring Tree Health Status

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Urban trees are exposed to stress situations like air pollution, soil compaction,... Our service supports responsible authorities in anticipating to tree health problems which can have significant consequences (e.g. tree fall). Read more

Urban Green Monitoring

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Because of the positive relation between quality of life and urban green, public and private decision makers want and need better geo-information about the quantity and quality of urban green available in their city. Read more

Brownfield Monitoring

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Brownfield land doesn‘t give an attractive picture to the city and affects the economic prosperity of the region. EUROSENSE can support responsible institutions with the monitoring of brownfields by the provision of remote sensing-based services. Read More