Inventory of Terrain and Assets

All applications with a geographical component require accurate geographic input data. Therefore, data describing the terrain and the objects thereon are essential as main input source for several analyses. EUROSENSE is not only a provider of value adding services, but has also a long history in the provision of accurate geographical data (orthoimagery, vector maps, elevation data,...) according to the level of detail as requested by the customer.


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Geographic application requires a digital image with correct geographic coordinates. No matter if the imagery is acquired by an airborne or a spaceborne sensor, orthoimagery with different resolutions can be created providing you the best image of reality. Read more


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Height information of the earth’s surface or the objects thereon is an essential data source for different processes and applications. Using different methodologies, EUROSENSE can provide you with the elevation data fulfilling your specific needs. Read more

2D & 3D

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It sometimes can be easier to perform analyses on vector data instead of raster data. Vector maps in 2D or 3D derived via stereophotogrammetry or other methods are for such applications the ideal data source. Read more


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For some applications, one might need information on absolute or relative temperatures of the surface or specific objects. Aerial thermography is a perfect data source for larger areas for this type of information. Read more

Oblique Imagery

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Views taken from a certain angle or so-called oblique imagery can provide essential information for different kinds of applications. It provides data which cannot always be detected via vertical imagery and can therefore address different requirements. Read more