2D and 3D mapping

Click to enlarge - Eurovea

How many electric poles are present in my neighbourhood? How many times an average student crosses streets with traffic lights for arriving at his/her school? Which roofs are suitable for solar panels? A lot of questions require accurate and up-to-date geographic information. Some answers can be found visually on imagery (rasters), some need vector data, i.e. points, lines, polygons, in two or three dimensions (3D).

EUROSENSE has a long history in vector mapping. This service is carried out either by digitization on orthophotos or photogrammetric plotting on stereo couples (images taken with an overlap). Objects are then accurately mapped on 2D or 3D using aerial or spaceborne imagery. Quantitative or qualitative information can be linked to different objects as attributes. These objects and attributes are stored in geographical databases. Spatial and quantitative queries are then performed on this database to address your questions and build your applications.

Click to enlarge - Marseille (France)

Independently of the dimensions of the final product (2D or 3D), EUROSENSE can search the best solution for your specific question according to your budget. More information on types of vector maps, as well as 3D-models can be found under “Our expertise – 2D and 3D Mapping”.